Energy consumption is a concern only as long as it impacts our environment. The reason it impacts our environment is that most of our energy is still drawn from finite resources on our planet. We seem fixated on that, as it is a means of making profit. Economics of scarcity.

Those finite resources are stores of energy which originated from our sun.

This is a little bit like insisting on using batteries to power all of our appliances, whilst we are running out of batteries, and the means to buy them, and even the means to dispose of them, whilst we could just plug into a mains socket offering unlimited free power, and be done worrying about it.

Surely we are clever enough to realise how silly this is before it is too late.

We need to move on to pouring some serious effort into switching our energy consumption over to solar power.

There is enough power there to fuel all of humanity, for eternity, regardless of population expansion.


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