Either you didn’t watch any of the Matrix movies, or missed the point entirely.

I am guessing you certainly wouldn’t have watched the movie named “The Red Pill” either, on pure principal.

Flawed principles, are those that close our minds to research, are they not?

Spoiler: In the Matrix movie, the blue pill is the one that offers the continued dream-like state that is “The Matrix” simulated reality, whilst actual reality is the dreaming humans being literally fed on in human body farms by a parasitic race.

The Red Pill is the one that wakes them up from being fed on.

In reality, not all fifty plus year old dudes, with 17 year old daughters or otherwise, are like you seem to think, unless you include where they are actually correct, about what is reality.

I think my own very real 17 year old daughter would back me up there.

And… there is a very large female contingency of Trump supporters!

All of that said, presumably your article is meant with the best of intentions, to try to wake folk up to the awful reality of Trumpopia.

Proceeding on the premise you accept the things I’ve said already as actual reality, it gets better;

The real reason outspoken friends, or even us ourselves might be locked up in future, is that the forces in power are already getting away with locking up people like Julian Assange, who’s original “Sin” was to expose some of the more sensitive wrongs, of what was at that time the democrat government of Obama.

So you see, it already makes no difference, whether Trump is voted back in again or not, the same destructive forces will remain in force with the current system of “Democracy”. If anything, Trump has actually done us a favour by removing the thin veneer of decency which used to cover up the “bad shit” which was always going on, always converging on the same outcome. Obama just managed to make that shit look respectable.

That was the real blue pill.

It would probably be fairer to liken Trump to a rogue member of the parasitic race of the Matrix movie, for whom awakened, horrified, wriggling humans are far more satisfying to consume, so wakes them first by force feeding the red pill before consuming them.

But they have a chink in their armor, that proverbial, parasitic race, of converging political leanings.

That is free money.

Free money destroys any ability to continue the illusion of scarcity.

Even better, it is integral to the internet, and even to our actual ecology of energy in nature.

That means the end of wealth in the form of capital, and the beginning of a new kind of democracy, worldwide, not just in the US.

Saying more here will turn my response into something as unreadable as war and peace, so I will leave for those open to research, to do just that.

A good place to start might be my featured story and others linked from there.

Stay Safe!


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