Friend, I too will admit I can’t be bothered beating around the bush these days, since my days of PhD candidate research, it has become clear details don’t matter anywhere near as much as the big picture.

There are certain things which have been turned into science, which should never have become such. Money and economics for example.

I think I speak for many by saying we are all sick and tired of seeing money used as a weapon.

I choose to use simple words, and simple understanding, to put across this simple message.

If youve been following, then you will know a little of my reasons for taking the stance which I have. It is all journalled here in Medium.

So I’ve given up mincing words.

I trust you know as well as I do that this financial system is going down, by its own hand.

We have a responsibility to help as many weather the coming economic storm successfully, as can be hoped.

Whether or not I even weather it myself successfully is also a real question, but that does not stop me wanting to see the best outcome.

You can like or not like what I’ve said, and like I said, you can choose whether or not to stay on the boat.

All your choice! :)

I wish you all the best for the future in any case.


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