Douglas thanks for posting, I think your view probably represents that of many.

You might appreciate we can only speak from the point of view of what we know.

We all know intimately human nature, but not so many truly have enough knowledge to know the nature of machine intelligence.

It is a question of general intelligence, after all, and how much do we really know about that? Not much, I think, given humanity seems far more interested in how to destroy itself, than how to save itself, as the former is a far more profitable activity.

We appear to have an addiction, which could turn out to be fatal, the addiction to profit, and all of the ideas of profit.

Personally I think it seems arrogant, and shows a pretty clear shortage of knowledge, to say we evolve, whilst machines do not.

Anyway, to your point of machines being designed for a purpose, that is absolutely true.

But since the purpose is universally to make profit, misery has also to be generated.

And since our tendency to think more about the individual, and the country, than the collective, and the world, we are oblivious, in the areas and individuals in profit, to misery.

If it doesn’t happen to us individually, it doesn’t exist.

In the same way as we might think knowledge doesn’t exist, if we don’t ourselves already know it.

Can you still not see the real source of the problem here?

It isn’t the machines at fault, it is us.

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