Douglas, thanks for posting, good analysis, but I would be wary of too much pessimism towards the ideas of manifestation.

Hacking the Trump Matrix requires we use similar techniques.

For sure he lives in the world the world he wishes it will be.

We all just need to do the same.

As there are many more of us wishing a good world, we will win.

I know all of that might sound a bit airy-fairy, but it really is a question of faith.

We really need to believe the world we wish is possible, to have it.

Markets, where we set values on all things, is an example of humans defining what has value in the world.

Whilst profit drives all things, the most profitable things have the highest value in markets.

But imagine what markets become with profit removed.

A new worldwide voting place, no less, where we may manifest everything ever desired.

Free money removes the need for profit.


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