Douglas, another great post, given you still seem to be missing how technology needs to be used.

To get to that, we need to look at an error in human interactions that pre-dates what we might call technology.

That is the custom of demanding something in return, for anything given.

I won’t go into too much detail here, because it is a long story, detailed a little in something like 1500 posts I’ve made to date, using the simple technology of Medium, with no demand of return. I am a technologist, just not one of the silicon valley variety you mention.

My aim in writing in Medium, is to put technology back on the rails, so that I can get back to doing what I do best; technology.

You mentioned the problems of commercialisation of music. I guess from that you are a music fan. I am too, and I also can see that musical artists have been hog-tied.

But maybe you are missing the fact that would-be technologists, especially those concerned with the well-being of humans, are also hog-tied in exactly the same way.

In fact, many technologists are would-be musicians.

And many musicians are would-be technologists.

Further, many dancers, artists, and performers of many kinds are would- be technologists, and many technologists are would-be dancers, artists, and performers, of many kinds.

We are hog-tied by intellectual property “Rights”.

I am an ex-patentee myself, and can clearly see the error of that practice.

It all comes back to a colonial mindset, of believing that something is ours to claim possession of.

The problematic mindset appears to most profoundly affect countries with especially colonial roots, i.e. founded on colonial values.

It is the same mindset as makes us think it is absolutely fine to sit on a pile of amassed capital, even a modest one, such as a pension, and expect an income, or even a living, from it.

The same mindset as gas-lights all humans into believing that without capital, they are worthless, producing no valuable data.

The same mindset as seeks out a solution such as Bitcoin, to answer the problem of corruptibility within the financial industries.

The same mindset as admires the practice and technology of accounting.

The same mindset as thinks free money is a problem.

The same mindset as thinks technology is the problem, and not the mindset.

Universal basic income is a form of free money, just not enough of it.

The key to free money is to give enough of it to empower people, not just enough to survive.

The key to anything is to give, with no limits, and no expectation of return.

That is how the sun, and all other things in nature feeding from it, and being empowered by it, operate.

That is how we need to operate.

That is how we will undo much of the harm done by big business, and monopolistic governments.

That is how we will undo much of the harm done to our environment.

We are maybe starting to get there, with the occasional outpouring of free money, as we’ve seen.

But there still seems a long way to go.

It would be really cool if influencers such as yourself could start to see this, to think about it, and start talking about it.


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