Douglas, aiming the blame at technologists might be a good way to get more circulation, but it misses assigning the blame to the real destructive force at work; the profit monster.

The mass force of every investor invested in such companies, interested only in one thing, profit, is what is driving technology to be seemingly hostile towards humans.

The technologists working in these companies have one brief; to maximise profits for the corporation.

I know because I’ve been a technologist in many such companies.

All algorithms by corporates are designed for that one single purpose.

Features which turn out to be beneficial for humanity are more accidental than designed in, and are thus becoming more scarce, as they are designed out, we are now forced to adapt to the system, hence the reason we see the ideas of reengineering humans becoming popular, reengineered humans might make more profit, if they complement the system, tough luck if they don’t.

So rather than aim blame just at technologists, we need to look at ourselves.

Why do we think nothing is for free, or should be for free, when the power of the sun which catalyses all creation, is donated to us for free?

Will we ever realise that the actual financial debts we owe, are not to one another, but to our planet, from which we have removed a certain amount of energy, which was given to it for free by the sun?

When will we realise that this substantial but finite debt burden could be repaid, by upscaling solar energy, and commuting that to free money?

Our financial authorities could do that in a second, with not even a blink by most humans, though that would be the real big news, it might not be very profitable.


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