Dotting the Joins, of the Worldwide Economic Trajectory.

Writing in Medium on the subject of the Economic changes occurring as a result of the pandemic is like the opposite, of “joining the dots”.

Each story is like a another dot on the exponential trajectory.

For sure, as a species, we’ve seen recessions and depressions before.

Conventional Economists try to map what we are seeing with things known in history.

But, like it or not, the current economic circumstances are unique, in the few thousands of years known since the beginning of human economies.

Therefore the solution has to be unique.

Our ideas of solutions have to adapt, as we see the developments unfold.

Some of us were working on the same problem, long before Covid.

In those days, the solutions seemed far off.

Now, the Covid pandemic presents us with a unique opportunity.

Are all of those lives going to be lost in vain?

Will significantly more lives be lost in vain?

I hope not.

I hope most of us hope not.

To those of us who were working on the problems prior to Covid, we had something of an advantage, in that none of the developments we see are coming as much of a surprise.

That is because we already knew that amongst other things, our world economy was not robust, to surprise, and that was one of the very problems.

Nature is full of surprises, and that is a beautiful thing.

“Debt” is a word synonymous with slavery.

Not a beautiful thing.

Debt has no place in nature.

It is a human construct, which can just as easily be destroyed by humans, as it was created by humans.

The sun shines on us, and the whole of nature, and never asks for any of it back.

Sunshine is the empowerment medium of nature.

Money is the empowerment medium of humanity.

Why should those two things not operate in the same way?

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