Disagreeing with Max Keiser

Something Max has very wrong

Today Max was asked to comment on the US / Fed decision to release 50M barrels of emergency oil.

He blamed the problems we are seeing on the “Excessive” printing of money, claiming oil will always rise in price as a result of that.

Max is talking from the point of view of someone heavily “Invested” in Bitcoin.

Max doesn’t understand that Bitcoin is more than capital.

It is the first manifestation of substantial money-as-sunlight, and as such will always be the reference for those that follow.

See, money is better aligned with sunlight, infinitely better, it has to come, and is coming to align with the live energy of sunlight.

Joules-per-second solar are coming to be represented by money tokens per second, which is exactly what we need, infinitely issued, to represent infinitely received energy, energy received for free from the only source of energy, the sun.

Each Bitcoin is actually equivalent to a proven amount of solar power (Not energy, but a rate of flow of energy), when all is said and done, around 1MW per Bitcoin to be specific.

That is different from all other kinds of money, the real thing that makes Bitcoin unique, its real “Killer” application, it fundamentally kills capitalism.

That is what Max doesn’t see yet, and maybe never will.

Max, if you ever read this, remember when we saw oil prices go negative, the only commodity to do so in history.

That was when 4Tn was issued, and everyone was trading in markets with free money.

It can go that way again, all we need to do is find a way to make money free.

Bitcoin is it.

That enables us to create live solar energy standards for money, which will remove the value from all capital, and most possibilities for profit in the future.

See, energy is only useful when it is flowing. The value we think we see in capital is an illusion, it always has been, it creates nothing.

With money representing live energy, we end all crime, all rivalry, and all competition between all the divisions and flavours of humanity.

We will no longer need to compete for a share of dwindling resources.

The zero-sum box will be burst open forever.

Instead we will be competing to open up the gateways previously used to enforce scarcity, genuinely celebrating one another’s wins.

And with it all, we will be ending all fossil fuel consumption, and all global pollution.

Max, dude, open your eyes.