Difficult Questions #2

We’ve seen plenty of news coverage of the Greta Thunberg impassioned appearance at the UN, rightly concerned about the world we are destroying, and leaving for our children.

But another figure, the head of Pakistan, made an impassioned plea also, during a more than 40 minute speech on a different, much more immediate potentially world threatening issue, and no-one is talking about it. During that speech, he described how eight million people of Kashmir are currently under curfew and siege by 900,000 Indian troops, under orders of leader Modi, allegedly a member of the RSS, which is an indian version of Nazism with roots going back to Hitler.

Mr Khan’s speech ended with a cry for help, for the world to do something, to help Pakistan avoid a war between India and Pakistan which could be sparked over the Kashmir issue.

Both Pakistan and India are armed with nuclear weapons.

Why is no-one talking about Kashmir, and those 8 million people? And the possibility of a nuclear war there?

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