Demand the Free Money!

I’ve had to write this over and over in many, many discussions, and still folk don’t seem to be getting it, or at least they claim they don’t, which is maybe even worse.

This is really, really important. We have to be united in this. If we forget everything else in the heat of the moment, just remember this one thing:

Demand the free money, lots of it.

It is ours by rights, this is what nature intended.

Don’t listen to any of the limp arguments offered by those already effectively enjoying the benefits and privilege of free money, as a result of whatever capital they might be sitting on, or have control of.

They are mentally ill, if they really can’t understand that far from saving the planet, as they might claim, their reticence to allow other people to enjoy the same benefits as they do, is the actual thing ending the existence of all life on Earth.

Money isn’t finite, because energy isn’t finite, it never was.

But they will claim it is.

Historically we didn’t have the technology to live on the energy of the sun.

But we do now.

Now we are putting tens of GigaJoules of energy per second from the sun into the economies of every developed country, those Joules donated from the only true source of energy, additional to any Joules already on Earth, not extracted, the only way they can be honestly represented is by issue of free money representing them.

That can’t be done by money-as-debt, which ultimately only becomes promises to do the labor of extracting existing energy from Earth.

Money issued as debt can’t represent a single Joule of donated energy, because there is no labor of extraction associated with it.

Until money truly representing the actual free energy coming in from the sun, every Joule of it, is issued, money will continue to devalue, hence the inflation we are seeing will continue to spiral out of control, because as the reception and use of solar energy necessarily scales up, money issued as debt increasingly becomes less and less representative of that very valuable energy product being received, from the only safe place we can get it from.

Sorry if that sounds religious, it is what it is.

But it is really important we remember it, in the heat of the moment, when the shit hits the fan, as it absolutely will.

Demand the free money!

Bookmark this page, share it to anyone who needs reminded. Have a look again yourself, if / when you feel doubt or distraction. This is the number one thing to remember.

Demand the free money!

With it, we can implement the solar and hydrogen backup infrastructure needed around us in all communities, to further enhance the Kardashev money due to us all in the future, to ensure we never fall foul of this foul energy problem again, ever.

If you have doubts on the technical feasibility of humanity surviving on solar energy alone, don’t!

Be assured the system has been thrashed out, I mean really thrashed out, by some of the best technical experts in existence, experts with long histories of building actual physical systems, which work.

They are not experts, if they claim otherwise!

Just look around, at all of nature. It is solar powered already. Why would we think we need to be any other way, other than to enable the few greediest to have control of all other humans?

Demand the free Money!

Don’t take no for an Answer!



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