Deborah, cool post, no doubt written with the best of intention, thanks for posting.

As a chartered systems Engineer myself of thirty years in that old system, spending the last few years to date studying some related issues at PhD level, and realising the systemic problem before Covid hit, there is something I think you missed, therefore maybe leads you to the wrong conclusion.

It is profit in the system.

Every element, which must make profit, is prone to fail when it no longer becomes possible for that element to run at profit.

So there is a very simple common mode failure which affects every element of the system, and a very simple fix.

All things must go non-profit.

Currently resisting that is a colonial mindset, possessed seemingly by almost all of us, even those who are the most obvious victims of it.

It is the belief that wealth is something to be taken and possessed, rather than something to be shared.

Funnily enough, it is even possible to prove that this is so, by using an example of another system; an electrical circuit.

In that, we see that the elements which are capable of possessing energy for any length of time, are only useful when the energy is being transferred in and out of the element, like a person handing on a bucket to the next. If that element could somehow begin to possess more and more of its throughput energy, then the circuit becomes progressively less efficient, increasing tension throughout the circuit, eventually something has to give.

So I would argue the system has not become more efficient, but very much less so, since we miss out on many things beneficial to humanity, which may not generate profit.

So the answer to a seemingly very complex problem is actually pretty simple, the mindset must change.

I believe this is already happening, with the injection of free money.

We need to completely open the free money flow, to make it similar to nature’s empowerment medium, energy, which is shared with nature in a free, limitless flow, from an infinite source, the sun.

Now, with the internet and electronic money, and everyone having access to the markets via technologies like Robinhood, that is possible, for the first time in the history of humans.

That is my take on things. The system is potentially extremely powerful, for the benefit of all humans.

We just need to start using it right, and I believe that is inevitable.

Meantime, a large number of us, particularly those possessing large amounts of wealth relative to most others, might experience quite a bit of pain in the chaos of learning that lesson.


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