Dealing Effectively with Profit at all Costs

Recognising the problem, and the solution

Firstly, we have to come to terms with the fact that the simple drive to make profit is destroying us, and our planet.

Take any human or environmental disaster, large or small, in recent history and ask yourself honestly if profit seeking didn’t have a hand in it.

I challenge anyone to name one that didn’t.

Grenfell. Hurricane Irma. Relentless death and destruction all over the Middle East, in fact wars of any kind. Rising fascism. Plane crashes. Drug Wars. Pollution of all descriptions. Biased news on all.

Of course there are always arguments we can get into to distract ourselves from the one common culprit. We ignore the fact it is always there, hiding in the background, but for how much longer?

I believe the majority of us know this, but are either locked into it, or have insufficient means to do anything about it.

We are like a herd of stampeding animals racing towards a cliff edge. We vaguely know the edge must be getting close, but we feel safety in numbers racing in that direction. The leaders will no doubt panic and try to reverse at the edge, but it will be too late. The momentum of the followers will sweep them over.

Every single animal in the herd races to get to the front, seeing no farther than those in their immediate surroundings.

So we have to do something about it. It starts with an analysis of what actually drives destructive human competition. Why do we feel a need to always compete with one another, often to the bitter end? Ultimately, it is a competition to the death. The death of all humanity. Most likely also our planet.

We compete for money, because individually, we seek financial security.

Network effects have shown us that we are far more powerful as a connected community than as a collection of disconnected individuals.

So we have to connect to one another in a way that we do not compete with one another, to unleash our true human potential.

We have to convert to a non-profit community, one preferably based on new technology for the benefit of the collective, as opposed to for any individuals in isolation. One which will reward each of us personally with sustainable financial security for life, as opposed to piling up wealth which might or might not sustain us and our families for a time. For most of us, this will have to done gradually, in a series of changes, to avoid being trampled, whilst the network gains in value.

We can start by joining such a network, and devoting whatever time and resources we can to it, around our usual profit seeking activities, winding those down as the alternative permits.

The only project of this kind that I know of right now is VRENAR.

That might change at some point in the future. After all there is nothing to compete for. VRENAR is better than free. Ultimately, it is to pay you, indefinitely. Any other projects looking to deliver this are not competition, they are collaboration.

See my profile for more details.


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