David thanks for your reply. For sure the term free money, like almost all language, has been hijacked by many.

The free money I've been on about is that which will take us from a world of everyone taking, to everyone giving.

Folk sitting "Near the top" might not like this solution because it automatically brings on the complete devaluation of capital, removing the idea of profit, and exchange agreements between humans, refocusing our attention on what matters, our welfare, and correspondingly that of our environment, rewarding us directly for that, and even giving every human equal opportunity, in a truly free democratic "Market", where we reward all things we see of value.

Most radically, in context of the original article we are discussing, free money removes traditional education. Truth is we no longer need it if all information is public, as it almost is already, anyone can choose to specialise in as many subjects as they like, could be art and Engineering as Da Vinci once did, or Physics and Alchemy as Newton once did, and no-one would bat an eyelid, everyone is rewarded for achievements.

I might be a rare voice talking about this for now, but to be honest, this is not something I've conjured up, it is an inevitable reality, which has become apparent to me by an unusual path of research.

As long as we have Covid, we will keep seeing the effects of free money, every time a new wave of stimulus is issued, until its positive effects can no longer be denied.

Free money is continuous stimulus on steroids.

It even rapidly shifts us from extracting energy from the planet, to extracting it from the sun, the only truly free source of energy.

Anyone can read more in my featured story. It is a very radical concept, changing our most fundamental driver from one of greed, to one of concern for our welfare, and our fellow humans, so it is not easily grasped or swallowed, but it is the only way we will get away from cannibalism of our fellow humans and the rape of the planet.... and inevitable, if we are to avoid extinction.


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