David I think you almost nailed it here, in my opinion, thanks for posting.

The thing is you also seem still to be blaming someone, when it is an inherited flawed system at fault.

I know I myself am guilty now and then of “Talking down”, it is an old habit of one who did a lot of work to ascend, and deeply embed in that old system, the real thing at fault.

I think we do well if we can remove our idea that anyone in particular nowadays is at fault, for something that started a very long time ago, though we are all more or less guilty of perpetuating it, especially after we’ve realised it.

It started, I think, when the first agreement was made between individuals, for one to repay another “Debt”.

Since then, our system has probably grown organically from that first ever “Deal”.

Between humans, or between a human and something else, is an interesting question maybe.

If anyone is/was to blame, it was the individual who first offered something scarce to the other, demanding a return.

The first creditor.

Maybe the resulting mindset throughout humanity for the subsequent few thousand years was some kind of necessary bootstrap, to get us to the state of being networked, maybe not.

But the truth, and the most important point is we are now networked.

I believe all the dirty play we are seeing, might be something like the dirt seen in the water around something as it is scrubbed clean.

The thing maybe being scrubbed clean is us, humanity

The debate is often filthy, but we need to see this filth to realise how dirty we were.

Soon it will be about time to drain the dirty water, to enjoy the new us; scrubbed clean, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The hosepipe of free money is what will wash away the filth, I believe.


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