Dave, thanks for posting, it is good to hear your view.

Here is a little bit of mine:

Everyone seems to agree on one thing; the real profit driven news is the real bad news. The way that the need to profit from news skews and mutates news stories is pretty obvious I think.

The West has for much of our history, been subject to absolute government propaganda, to the exclusion of all else, like that which you’ve correctly identified China still is, due to lack of availability of relatively unfettered internet.

Hence the reason we had wars between major countries, pretty much all people were lied to by their governments.

Would the Nazis have got anywhere near as far as they did, in the presence of the internet connecting all people in all countries? I think not.

Would Germany have slid down a slope of owing irredeemable increasing national debt to its neighbors, hidden from view of ordinary people, their Government convincing them instead that their woes were down to the activities of ethnic minorities, in the presence of an all seeing, all knowing internet? I think not. Well maybe.

The point is, now, our propaganda in the West appears to consist of various profit driven entities vying with one another to comandeer the internet for their agendas of attaining monarchiarcal control within the world.

Our governments appear to have been pretty much absorbed by those entities, with the effect that we are rapidly losing faith in our governments, in all countries in the West.

Now, with the almost complete elimination of the middle classes in these countries furthest down the road of monarchation, we are seeing something that seems to be approaching dangerously close to nothing less than anti-monarchiacal rebellion; a war between rich and poor.

Ironically, the most successfully propagandised section of society throughout the West appears to be within the echelons of the rich. They appear literally blind to what is really going on in the world, just as the “royalty” were in the run up to the previous French revolution.

To the rest of us it is pretty obvious.

We are poorer than ever.

I am glad people in our respective positions can write things like this, in forums like this, for the attention of those better or worse placed in life, as I believe this is the real reason such a rebellion will never actually take place again.


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