Daniel, I would suggest solar farms could be designed as part of infrastructure systems with integrated distributed living spaces, even cities, in the deserts. Using current technology, the desert areas alone, all around the equator, appear to have sufficient area to generate more than the power we already use on Earth.

Of course there would be a pain of pollution generated during initial manufacture and implementation, but after that, we could get much closer to zero emissions of pollution of any kind.

I think we can still sustain that pain of initial implementaion, but not if we wait much longer.

It is surely a little sad you do not see Earth as something like our Mother, to be nurtured, as she nurtured us.

I am guessing you don’t have any kids of your own yet.

On the economics after implementation, we can only conjecture, as it would be a new experience for humanity to have available effectively more power free, on tap, than can be used.

What we do know is that energy is intimately related to wealth, so the effects on economy would be profound. One can see an actual path towards the supply of free wealth to all people, at no cost to anyone, thus a change of mentality for all people to work together, rather than compete, on larger projects than we’ve ever seen before, such as spaceflight, fusion, Dyonospheres, eternal life, or whatever.

I would liken this to our coming of age as a species, and learning to truly fly.

Logically, we need to conquer the immediate problem of how to stop poisoning ourselves, and what is our Mother planet.


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