Daniel, I mean practically unlimited. We would find no practical limit.

The energy from earlier installations would power the implementation of subsequent installations.

The only limit is in the area that needs to be covered, and we know there are many uninhabited areas of Earth with more than enough area.

It took hundreds of millions of years of sun power to produce the fossil fuels. We’ve burned most of it in 150 years flat. None of what has been burned can be replaced in a survivable timeframe.

We’ve robbed the planet of irreplaceable energy reserves, to create wealth for ourselves.

Is that not zero-sum? Can it continue indefinitely?

With respect, I think it looked like you made an assumption of my knowledge when you asked “Where do you think the energy comes from?”, then apologized. It doesn’t matter either way. My pride might have been dented, but pride is just ego, and egos are a problem, so I reciprocate with my own apologies for that.

What is important is that we; you and I, and everyone else debating such things, get to the truth of what appears to be a very important period of human development, and identify if it really is something that must be reacted to, a serious threat to all humanity.

If it is, then it is also an opportunity, to change things, to do things in a much better way.

At this moment, I do not believe we have a choice.

It seems clear to me there is only one way ahead; solar.

Any other way will continue to generate pollution, and I do not believe we can afford that.


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