Thanks Jason. Cryptocurrencies usually start as worthless until they are associated with some activity of value. It would take someone’s tokenised data to be found valuable, then others would follow. No-one can sucessfully set a price on their data, it is up to the market to decide what has value. Over time, the market would recognise all tokenised human data as valuable, as they have done with many of the conventional cryptocurrencies to date, as well as pretty much all non-tokenised human data. The most valuable tokenised human data would be that associated with the highest profile projects, but pretty much any and all of it would have some kind of value, just like non-tokenised human data.

If pay per view is failing, it is either because the same old data is available for less elsewhere, or we’ve seen it before.

Information is only information if we haven’t seen it before, or elsewhere, it has to be unique.

All humans are infinite sources of unique data.

There’s my two tokens, for your two cents…


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