COVID Research; Competition?!?

The strangeness of thinking in terms of competition when faced with threats to all of humanity.


Nature’s very own latest terrorist, effectively terrorising the whole of humanity for the foreseeable future.

Even for young people, though the virus might not feel much of a threat right now, how about in ten years time? Or even twenty, thirty, or forty?

We see stories from various news sources, talking about research towards a vaccine in terms of “Competition”.

China, UK, US, Russia, and Cuba, are all working to create an effective vaccine.

We even hear various accusations of “Spying” on one-another’s “Secrets” in the research.

Doesn’t this seem a little strange, that a fix to this worldwide disaster is being addressed by various geographically defined governments as seemingly separate efforts, in the interests of profit?

It doesn’t take much to work out that a real fix will only be found with worldwide collaboration. Real collaboration, where all research data is made public, for all clever people in the world who might be inclined to contribute.

But… It needs only one party in a bunch of collaborators to declare an intention to claim profit from the proceeds, for all of the others to be forced also into competition mode.

One rotten apple can spoil the barrel.

Does anyone really expect a genuine fix to be found by one or another country working in some kind of profit-driven race towards a cure?

We’ve seen the folly of profit driven medicines and healthcare.

Obviously, more profit is made in maintenance, and even creation of illnesses, than in cures or preventions.

We’ve seen that man-made disaster at work with many drugs, it makes COVID look quite tame really.

If a non-profit country were to produce a vaccine, the profit driven countries would do all in their power to terrorise the producer to suppress it.

Cuba has been under embargo for more than fifty years.

Otherwise, the others would be robbed of the chance to profit from it.

In many ways, profit was designed to cause misery. It thrives on misery.

Why do we think it will be any different with COVID?

If we don’t want COVID terrorising us for the rest of our time on Earth as a species, we need to start shaming the rotten apples, into playing fair, and into putting at least as much funds towards dealing with this terrorist, as they might have put towards dealing with any other.

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