COVID-19 is stripping off humanity, because we let it.

The people who are dying represent more than some might think.

Who is it, actually, that are the dying in the pandemic?

It is the vulnerable.

It is those who are caring for the vulnerable.

It is those who are putting their own lives on the line to care for others.

It is those who care more about living happy, than accumulating wealth.

It is those who would be more content with enjoying the rich natural beauty of a land without wealth and industrialisation, than those who would plunder it for financial gain.

It is those who see the plight of others less lucky than themselves, struck by poverty, willing to offer whatever they can from their own lives to help out, every time.

Is it coincidence that those more moderate, human qualities are seen more often in people of darker skins? Maybe.

But it is they, like those who have been victimised by our harsher Western ways throughout the history of our species, who are dying more than us; the ones with whiter skins.

The folk who care more for others are the truer humanity.

Humanity is being stripped off by COVID-19, because here in the West, we let it.

What we will be left with afterwards, is less humanity.

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