Could the Corona Virus Spark a Generational War?

On a week’s visit to Daytona in 2017, it struck me that pretty much all younger people I had dialog with there, addressed me as “Sir”.

That made me a little nervous.

Anyone calling me sir makes me nervous. That’s why it struck me.

Why should anyone address another as sir?

Real folk doing real amazing things for the world don’t need to be validated.

That just makes them nervous.

But I digress.

The thing is, it seemed to me that these younger folk that I met in Daytona were actually afraid of their elders.

When I asked why the magnificent beaches of Daytona were pretty much empty, devoid of people, the answer I got was that it wasn’t much fun on the beach.

Drinking and smoking on the beach was prohibited.

I was told the beaches were patrolled by police Drones to enforce that rule.

Drones equipped with tazers.

Hence the beaches were empty.

Even the streets were empty.

There were very few bars, or other places most of us in the older bracket enjoyed when younger.

The only beach-side bar I could find, after walking along several miles of beach, was full of folk about my age. Folk I would describe as aging hippies.

But still, it was prohibited to step over the threshold of the bar onto the beach with a drink.

So no-one was actually on the beach.

And the drinks were expensive.

Excruciatingly expensive.

Those ageing hippies were obviously rich.

Kids are not rich.

They are largely dependent on the wealth of older generations.

We’ve kept all the best jobs, all the wealth, and all of the privileges to ourselves, forever, sending them to war instead, wherever we could get away with it.

Until now.

The day of reckoning.

Corona Virus is upon us.

It prefers us older people.

The risk of mortality increases with age.

At the age of twenty, the risk of dying from infection is one in ten thousand.

At the age of eighty, the risk is one in ten.

If that is not natural selection, then I don’t know what is.

Truth is, we were a bolshy mob when we were younger.

We devised things like punk rock, to protest about our lot, because in our eyes then, the older generation had everything. And we had nothing.

But our predicament then as younger people pails in comparison to what younger people face now, courtesy of us, now the older generation.

Now that some of the old punk rockers are even officially “Sirs”, themselves.

With the fear of this ageist illness upon us, we are dealing with it by locking everyone in.

Us older folks are fine with that. We’ve been doing it for years anyway already. Voluntarily.

But what of the younger folks?

What does loss of freedom actually mean to them?

Come to that, what does loss of privilege mean to them?

It means the same as it did to us, the generation who vastly outnumbered our elders, and who got what we wanted by threatening anarchy.

Now it is we, who are the older generation minority, hanging onto, and even destroying the wealth of the world, whilst even imprisoning the young.

Why should they care about us?

Do we owe them a living?

Of course we fuckin’ do.


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