Cosmo thanks for posting, on things relevant and becoming more acute daily.

I think you have the winning strategy; flexibility, comfortable in the knowledge that we don’t know everything, but ready to learn.

I think humanity needs to be able to think both collectively and individually, we all seem to have a part to play in both modes, they are complementary, each with their own valuable attributes.

Put them together and we get something very valuable and rewarding to both the individual and the Hive.

Also, I agree with you that there seems to be more to things than what meets the eye, we seem to be somewhat in control of the experiment. Making things happen requires every individual to believe they will happen. Hence the incredibly destructive power of propaganda, but propaganda seems to have been defused by having all eyes of the hive on all events, pretty much first-hand.

Networked dystopia could happen if we let it, but similarly, so also could networked utopia.

I think the hive is teetering on which destination to chose.

Either one is absolute, there is no halfway house.

Let’s have faith that even the elites will see they have nothing to lose with utopia, everything to lose with dystopia.


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