Coronavirus stink

Disclaimer: The following is not intended as fact, only as something to ponder.

We look at how air transmitted viruses work, and they seem to be pretty fiendishly clever.

Isn’t it a little astonishing to think how something as small as 125nm makes us sneeze, to enable its efficient transmission from host to host?

Isn’t also a little astonishing, that it seems to have optimised itself towards attacking the biggest demographic, boomers?

We read also common symptom of the presence of the virus in a person is loss of smell.

What if that is for a reason, that somehow the virus can switch off our sense of smell, so as to prevent its detection?

Could it be that the virus might actually have a smell, that if we were to recognise it, we might detect its presence in the air, and therefore seek to minimise our exposure to it, like we do any unleasant smell?

Could animals perhaps be trained to recognise this smell?


Update 17/05/2020:

£500K has been released to research this idea by the UK Government.

I’ve had raised 17 cents so far by this story. Better than nothing I guess :)


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