Coping with Living in Fear

Recognising it, and dealing with it.

Ever woke up, feeling normal, until a memory of some awful thing you wished you could forget is happening, hits you in the pit of the stomach, like you just fell out of a plane?

That, is a more extreme example of living in fear.

It is the kind of fear we might have, if we believe we are to die, soon.

Kids can have it, if they know they have upset some violent bully, and word arrives on the grapevine “So-and-so is going to kill you”, we wake up day after day wondering if today will be “It”.

Or we might get it instantaneously, when we hear the words uttered as a group appoaches in the street; “Give me the blade and I’ll do it”.

As kids, we can often believe such a thing is true.

In the most extreme cases, we might even become a danger to ourselves and/or others, acting to somehow try to pre-empt things, just to end the awful feeling of living in fear.

We can become superhuman, if we really believe we are about to die. Adrenalin is an incredibly powerful, and sometimes damaging chemical.

I remember it well, like an old friend who wasn’t really a friend, just someone we allied with, to overcome common enemies.

The examples above, and many, many others, are memories I have, from various times throughout life until well into adulthood.

No-one’s fault except maybe mine, I always played with things most people seemed to avoid, and there was never any shortage of danger, growing up in and around Glasgow in the seventies and eighties.

Fear, was a way of life.

I thought I’d left it behind, after I graduated into respectability as a mature student, thirty years ago.

But now, fear is back.

Though it is a different kind of animal.

The danger is far less apparent, much less immediate, but still it sneaks around in the background of our subconsciousness.

By “Ours”, I mean the vast majority of us are feeling it now, even if we don’t care to admit it.

Fear of losing our jobs or liveliehoods, with little or no pensions, with businesses dying thick and fast all around us, the businesses we need to work with.

Fear of no longer being able to support ourselves or our families.

Fear of losing the roof over our heads.

Fear of getting Covid and dying, or becoming chronically ill.

Fear of illness or injury needing medical services which are no longer really there, fully engaged in the battle against Covid.

Fear of hunger, of living in the street, with nothing except memories of other lives.

Fear of being beaten to death, sleeping in a doorway in a sleeping bag.

We know life shouldn’t be like this, not for us, lucky enough to live in the more historically “Richer” parts of the world, with maybe formally recognised valuable skills and knowledge, maybe even still “Doing well” in the failing system, we shouldn’t be living in fear, right?

The truth is that the fear we might be feeling right now is nothing compared with the experiences of living, and dying, in one of the “Poorer” parts of the world.

And we should know that due to the way money and profit works, our comfort came at the expense of their fear.

With that, we should now recognise that fear is something very wrong, something that really should not exist, not for us, in our part of the world, nor for anyone else, in any part of the world.

Now, we have to accept it is time to fix things, to remove fear.

If we can see a better way of doing things, a solution, we start to get hope, and fear starts to subside.

The solution is above all political considerations, involving encoding sunlight as money, and assigning all traditional debt to our planet.

Anyone interested to know more about that can research more of my stories, the information is all there.

If further we realise that the solution is inevitable, our move from Kardashev stage zero, to stage one, unless too many people succumb to doing crazy things, driven by fear, and adrenalin, our fear starts to subside, as long as we can see not too many are panicking.

If we realise that part of the solution is recognising fear, and what causes it, and the damage it does, our fear starts to subside.

Being quietly confident, is the ideal state, in the face of panic.

So it is up to us, to seek out the knowledge of the solution, to obtain that confidence.

It is up to us to recognise fear does not serve humanity, it only serves individuals and authorities, other than us.

It is up to us to recognise when fear is being wielded, knowingly or not, as a weapon.

When we see or hear threats likely to cause fear, we need to recognise those as not in anyone’s interest.

Threats of cancellation, of being muzzled, of being deprived by witheld wealth, fined, beaten, information deprived, or power of any kind, fear of being gaslit, of being publicly embarrassed, fear of violence, psychological, financial, or otherwise, we need to recognise all of those as being not in anyone’s interest.

So when we see such things happening, fear being wielded, we need to speak out, to defend ourselves as a species, to avoid panic becoming something fatal.

When we see fear being wielded by sanction, by fines, by power of judgement, punishment, and law and order itself being handed over to financial authorities, social media companies, and all manner of media companies, themselves guilty of spreading false and/or damaging information, all in the interests of profit, we should speak out.

We should speak out, to preserve our right to speak out, by preserving the rights of others to speak out, no matter how obnoxious their language, or their information, we need to be free to judge and decide that for ourselves.

When we hear judgemental opinions, telling us how we should think, by those who claim to know best, without any reasonable logical justification other than “Just a feeling”, or an emotional outburst, we need to beware, when people are being driven by panic, recognising that as fanaticism.

When we do that, to defend all sources of information, good and bad, to be allowed to judge for ourselves what is good and bad, we get a balanced view of the world, and we know not to panic.

Metcalfes law explains how more information is good, not bad, there is the formal justification why no source of information should ever be muted for us, by something or someone else. We must be free to press the mute button ourselves, after judging what we saw or heard, for ourselves.

With that we know the wisdom of the crowd will win over all things, the wisdom of a whole species, not just part of it, will win for all people, not just some.


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