Cool this is something being thought about.

It does lead down a rabbit-hole, that not many “Enjoying” retirement seem willing to explore.

But, down the rabbit-hole we all have to go…

Maybe no-one wants to consider they might have been mislead all of life, not by anyone in particular, but by the system of controlled scarcity, which drives all humans to seek to profit, oblivious or uncaring of the fact that in what was a zero-sum system, some other humans somewhere, had to lose as a direct result.

We’ve practiced the same colonialism of land, information, wealth, in fact anything that can be claimed and possessed, even other people, for thousands of years, causing untold damage to our species and our environment, with the greatest losers being the most recent generations.

But now it looks like we are very close to breaking the spell, and a lot of folk don’t like what they see, perhaps their own part played in a really bad system, but in truth, no-one is to blame, it is the the system of profit which has driven all humans, blissfully unaware when we were the ones winning, or painfully aware when we were the ones losing, to the same destructive ambitions.

To see it most clearly, we also need to see the solution.

We know already that world debt is steadily increasing.

We know also that we are continuously extracting energy from our planet.

And we know energy converts directly to wealth.

So it follows we have taken wealth from our planet.

In fact, it can be argued that all business done at profit, results in energy being removed from our planet.

We also know, from Bitcoin, and how it has become largely solar powered, that money can be free, and some of it already is, finally. breaking open the zero-sum box.

Money-as-sunlight, is a real alternative to money as debt, as we are seeing, the latter being constantly exchanged for the former.

So the real debt owed by humanity is actually an energy debt to our planet.

It makes sense therefore, to declare it as such, an iou to our planet that can only be paid back down by money-as-sunlight, which is the only kind of money not from our planet, but adding to the existing wealth on Earth, from an extraterrestrial source, that is the sun, the only actual source of energy.

By that, we move from Kardashev stage zero, to Kardashev stage one.

In that new world, there seems no reason people will not enjoy all of life doing things they feel satisfied by, but which are nonetheless valuable, resulting in far more valuable and powerful industries benefiting humanity than anything we’ve seen previously.

Why will they bother saving, when they have infinite free money, and why will they bother retiring, if they never need to think of life as “Work”?


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