Cool story Trevor, thanks for posting.

I personally don’t like the word “renewable” much, used in terms of energy, as it seems unnecessarily confusing, the kind of term we might expect from green companies who aren’t green at all, just more of the profit monster, wishing to cover up its tracks with smoke and mirrors.

I like that people are starting to see the damage done by the profit monster, and the world we could have without it.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that we were so close, so long ago, to free power.

The more we look into things, the more we realise has been covered up by the activities of the profit monster, to maintain the illusion that that is the only way of doing anything.

The further back we look, the more profound that effect, to the days of religious note, where we don’t really know what was fact and what was fiction, due to the stories being written and rewritten by various parties, for profit, throughout our known history.

It helps the business case of science to just dismiss all religion as hocus pocus, in order that science can lay claim to the creation of all knowledge for its funders to patent.

But more specifically there is the figure of Nikola Tesla, who before 1900, wanted to implement free worldwide solar power, combined with a worldwide communications network, not unlike the internet, but was stopped by the bank who removed his funding for reasons of the project not having a profitable business case, compared with that of oil, which was already “good” business.

That, is something often disputed, and yet the evidence of relevant Tesla papers are there on the internet, which we finally have, for all to read.

Now it is apparent we see a rising debt of all humans, which is bundled together, counted, and noted to be rising sharply.

It is also apparent the way the solar system works, with the sun donating energy to all life on Earth, for free, and the normal business model of all successful things in nature, is to most effectively distribute the energy of sunlight to all who need it, by donation.

An example is a tree, from the surface of its leaves, to its roots in the soil.

But I am sure you know this already.

Since we’ve taken practically all of our energy to date from our planet, rather than directly from the sun, the net effect is the same as it would have been if we somehow removed the sunlight that created what we removed from the Earth.

Effectively, we’ve stolen some sunlight from our planet.

That includes all forms of “green” energy which are not tapped directly from the sun, unfortunately, those are still extracted from natural stores of energy on our planet, so have harmful side effects.

It follows that there is in fact a debt we owe to our planet.

If we accept that all of our debt is to the planet, then we see a way to fund the repairs needed, a way to fund ourselves back out of trouble.

The planet would recover automatically, if we stopped stealing energy from it, as we saw confirmed by the brief spike of environmental recovery that happened when we were all locked down, and the first, very large stimulus was issued.

So the answer to pretty much all problems is to carry on issuing more stimulus indefinitely and to add all non-solar fueled human activity to the historical bill as an IOU to our planet, which can only be paid by global scale solar power.

Then the interests of all humanity would be aligned towards the same single goal of worldwide solar implementation, and many other fantastic pro-humanity projects which would quickly follow.

That might sound a long way off, but there is a very large and rapidly growing body of people in the “developed” world facing imminent homelessness without it.

Pretty soon, they are gonna demand it, I think.

We can only hope the elite will finally realise that the world we could have by enhancing the value added by sunlight, is infinitely more valuable than the one we’ve created by removing it, a world more desirable than any amount of individual material wealth.

Lets hope we are approaching what will turn out to be our first steps upwards from stage zero on the Kardashev scale, and not downwards.


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