Cool story Tony. It is great to see there are still other folk out there who dream of the amazing things humanity could do, if we just got our act together.

This is the kind of thing I dreamed of working on as a young aspiring Engineer. The closest I ever got (so far?) was working on large scale Satellite Communications Systems.

The project you describe would take huge concerted worldwide effort and budget to achieve though, and there is one big problem. It is the same culprit that has driven us all backwards in recent years by terminating some of our biggest (yet much smaller) achievements to date. Specifically, the current system requirement for all human activity to achieve profit.

With that, it is inconceivable such projects can ever be more than just a dream. Let’s face it, we can’t even sustain such things as the space shuttle, concorde, our roads and railways, or even the planet itself with today’s everything for profit system of “Civilisation”.

It is time for change, big change, to do big things. Time for some Optimism.


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