Cool journey of a cryptopunk, thanks for posting.

But the journey isn’t complete yet.

What you’ve learned is that Bitcoin is the answer to something, the replacement of conventional money, which only has value because banks and governments say so, at threat of removing it, if we disagree.

So bitcoin appears to fill the gap, by being something more substantial, outside their control, that we can use instead.

But, our sense of justice still sees something wrong.

As stands, it doesn’t change the problem, that the Bitcoin money appears to give an unfair advantage to some, in that those who bought it first, get richer and richer, whilst everyone else, or those who commited the crime of buying it later, stay poor, or even lose, leading to the depressing result that nothing really changes whether or not we use Bitcoin, or fiat money-as-debt, the world still has all of the problems of humanity living on the backs of other humanity, whilst plundering our planet.

i.e. the slavery carries on, though you might not notice, or care, if you are a winner by Bitcoin.

As such, it seems just another Ponzi scheme.

But wait, there is something very special happening, we saw a glimpse of it when 3Tn of dollars per month was being handed out in the earlier months of covid, by a ruthless orange renegade who showed everyone how to really fill their boots, by example.

Just for a short time, scarcity was removed, and we saw a glimpse of a world run on infinite donation, when most money flowing in the economy was donated.

The markets became, for a short time, a forum where value was defined by people putting free money towards the things they saw were important.

Oil prices went negative for the first time in history, and the environment even saw a brief spike of recovery.

But of course it could not be sustained, because they said so, after they ad filled their boots.

And yet the dollar value had gone up, not down.

Conventional economists looked to MMT, to explain the phenomenon.

Whilst the physicists and Engineers, might have looked at the physics.

Bitcoin is literally money-as-sunlight.

That already is powered by several countries demand of electricity, generated almost exclusively from sunlight.

And all of it has been exchanged for money-as-debt, showing the latter is less valuable.

With the result that throughout the time that has been happening, the world economy is expanding, not fixed to a certain amount of gold, or anything else.

The infinite source of energy, the extraterrestrial source of all wealth, the fusion generator that is the sun, has finally been hooked into the world economy, via Bitcoin.

That is the thing that is special.

That is the reason scarcity, that for thousnads of years, has forced us to invest, fight, compete, profit, beg, steal, advertise, lie, borrow, or die, is on the way out.


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