Cool article, you are obviously a tech enthusiast, which is great, but I agree completely with Joe Psotka’s comment, with more lament than celebration.

We are where we are technologically despite economic forces working to stamp out innovation.

How many potential genuises have lived and died in poverty, or war zones?

How many great ideas have been patented and sat on by competitors dominating markets with less than ideal solutions?

Tesla himself died economically starved of resources to realise his ambitions of supplying worldwide free energy.

Where we might be now if he’d managed to achieve that ambition is literally beyond most people’s imagination.

Our economy itself would have had to change, to accomodate the new source of unlimited free wealth. There could no longer be any such thing as poverty or wars.

The nuclear bomb, and fission based nuclear power might never have been invented, as there would have been no need for them.

The first and second world wars might never have happened.

Tesla himself might even have been still with us, alive and well.

And of course we would have no problems of pollution.

All of the potential genuis that has been wasted along the way could have worked together on Ai, space travel, and even fusion power for that application, as one huge project, rather than in competition with one another for profit.

It could all have been cracked many years ago, if it wasn’t for our fixation with economically exploiting our fellow humans.

With blockchain and Ai, we seem to be getting close to a point where the technology will burst though, forcing the long overdue economic revolution needed to finally free the full benefits of technology.

Let’s hope it won’t be too late to save the planet.


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