Cool article, thanks for posting. Of course it resonates with the conventional scientific view, hence you should get plenty appreciation for it.

In a fair, true world.

But what if you don’t, what will that mean?

It will mean that the platform algorithms did not promote it, as they didn’t see enough potential in the story to make much profit.

So we start to see that profit doesn’t really promote much truth, which of course we need for intelligence.

You might agree that modern science is driven by profit.

Were the ancients always driven by profit?

I think not, but the modern profit driven mindset subconsciously projects itself onto all others, similarly as you mentioned, to insist that all people and even all creatures must be profit driven, since that is the only valid activity.

And yet, our logic screams at us, that the ultimate conclusion of all things driven by profit is extinction.

By that, we will not, cannot, and must not, do something that would end all activities of profit, such as by plugging into the endless free energy source of the sun, to end all scarcity.

We certainly won’t if algorithms, designed only to maximise profit, have anything to do with things.

So actually I think “science” has an awful lot more wrong, than it has right, nowadays.


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