Cool article, on a topic bound to get much hotter very soon.

The reason people are rightly concerned about privacy, the way things are, is that they believe other people have an interest in their data, and their private lives. This is correct in the way we’ve seen most things work to date.

Fundamentally, we have a mindset that believes we have to always seek wealth from others. This is the only reason we might be interested in the data of others, and the only reason they might be interested in ours. The motive is to gain from that data. Ultimately, all interests are financial.

If each and every one of us somehow had a magic money well within us, that generates an endless stream of money, more money than we each needed to live on ourselves every day, and if we knew our children would also be similarly endowed, we would never be interested in seeking wealth from others, except where we might trade in a fair exchange now and then.

Obviously our data is valuable. Others have shown us this, from the money that they obviously make from it. So we can conclude we generate valuable data. Each and every one of us.

It turns out also that we amplify that value when we network with others, as we can see from network theory, and from things like Bitcoin.

Now, by putting together the latest technologies, we are able to convert that networked value directly to money, for each and every one of us, just like the magic money well.

Doing it efficiently, such that we might all live from that data alone will require us to submit completely to a loss of our data privacy, except when we might want to exclude ourselves now and then for some private moments.

But after everyone is equipped to realise the value of their own data at source, no-one will be interested in the data of anyone else.


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