Cool article, straight to the point. It is amazing how much effort we’ve spent on studying how exactly fossil fuel consumption is doing its damage. That effort seems a little like trying to minimise the damage a knife is doing whilst it thrusts through our torso in slow motion.

What really matters is what needs to be done to halt and even reverse the thrust of the knife.

Fossil fuel consumption must be stopped.

We have the technology to utilise the unlimited energy from the sun, the exact same single source of power that created all of the fossil fuels, and all of the existing energy in our solar system.

Further, we have the option to make that power free, to all people, thus automatically creating a new economy, one that has no concept of profit, but of infinite funding for all humanity, regardless of human expansion.

The only power we really seem to be lacking is the collective willpower, to find the funding for the systems needed.


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