Cool article, I am delighted to have come across it. Thanks for posting it.

I don't quite agree with all (My first two highlights). To me, we have some fundamental errors in our knowledge of our history, including religion, which if we understood, helps us understand how energy actually works. To me this is what religions were really about, to tell us how energy works, and how we have to deal with it. The events you perceive on the horizon, actually with us already, could be the end times as I see it, but if we interpret them correctly, we should see it as an ultimatum, that we can continue to ignore, or not. I don't believe we are Earth's most powerful creation, just maybe the most powerful creation, but not necessarily of Earth, therefore we can be of great harm to it, or great benefit to it.

After we see it correctly, it all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle, it seems to me.

I don't see how retooling ancient religious guilt into climate guilt robs us of any agency, if we understand the ultimatum, actually it should drive us to the solution.

But your concluding instinctive vision of being able to harness energy in a way that everything becomes positive, instead of negative, I completely agree with, in fact it has been my unpaid object in Medium for a number of years now, to try to help folk (Me included) understand how we can actually do that.

I came to this conclusion whilst working on a Metaverse related PhD which started in 2017, a couple of years in, it became apparent to me that we can never really have a successful metaverse (One truly beneficial to all people), at profit.

Since then it has been my object to use all of the tools and skills gained as a practicing systems Engineer of thirty years, to try to piece together what is needed for a non-profit metaverse. When we follow the money, it all comes down to energy, and where we get it from.

Hence why I bristled (Only a little, 1st highlight), when I noticed you bundled Earth and Sun together as both being sources of energy.

The sun is the source, Earth is a sink of energy, as are all other planets and objects around the sun.

There are no exceptions to this, no magical sources of energy from within Earth that we can use positively, all detract from energy deposited on Earth.

So it is something like a giant battery, trickle charged by the sun for millions of years, probably after it was originally ejected from the sun, during a volcanic phase of the sun, which explains why all are individually spinning in the same direction, in roughly the same plane, around the sun.

Conventional science has a much more complex explanation involving accretion disks and the big bang, but the profit driven instrument of Occams razor does not apply to that, as the more complex theory in that case generates more profit (It suits the fossil fuel companies, to claim Earth itself is a source of energy).

So the corollary is that the sun is the only actual source of energy we can use.

When we get into that, we start to notice that as things stand, even though we are already partially solar powered, there is no component for this in the conventional economy.

We value Earth as though it is a fixed lump of capital, when it isn't, energy is actually added from the sun, all of the time.

The only way we can truly reflect the energy received / donated from the sun, is to issue money reflecting it, to all people, since it was received for free.

I believe this is starting to happen, beyond our control now that we are at least partially solar powered and much of it is not being monetised, there is a growing base of stored, un-monetised wealth, which is the underlying reason for the inflation we are seeing.

You might remember that the dollar value actually went up, when $4Tn stimulus was first issued in the US, and oil prices went negative, the first time in history for any commodity.

That can't be explained by MMT, something much bigger is at play. I believe that was solar energy.

Ordinary folk were voting, using the free money they received, via the Robinhood App, for the things they valued. They weren't interested in profit, because the money was received for free, they were donating. Warren Buffet and many other whale investors quit the markets at the time claiming "something had gone wrong with money".

As I see it, that wasn't money working incorrectly, it was money working absolutely correctly, for the first time ever. We saw right there how to undo the power of capital, and enable pure fine-grained democracy, again for the first time ever.

As to the practical solution, it involves hydrogen, cryptocurrencies, solar powered food, and ideally, a Metaverse, all of which we have the tech to do.

I believe a Metaverse, or virtual world would be an ideal prototype, to demonstrate and roll-out the solution.

Though most of this research is energy and environment related, my aim is still to work on Metaverse technology, that is what I would much prefer to be doing, and look forward to getting back to.

If you would like to work together and can see any way of doing so, I would be most eager to hear.

I've explained more about the solution in these stories (Just a few of 260+ to date):

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Frederick Bott

Frederick Bott


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