Cool article, good to see more people starting to see the truth about crypto, long may it continue, to one day superseding banks.

I have to be blunt, I think you might be a little naive about the banks.

They see crypto as a real threat.

The money laundering weapon can be aimed at anyone.

If you’ve already had a bad experience as an innocent party, like me, then you can say what you like, with nothing to lose, but with evidence to show, that they are not interested in regulation, they are just a bunch of crooks, them and their pseudo regulators, with powers even greater than the police, they can fire first, they don’t need to ask questions, nor answer any of ours, not even from our local MP, they just freeze our accounts indefinitely until we go bankrupt, or die, if we happen to be depending on frozen funds for survival.

It pretty soon becomes clear, our genuinely earned money isn’t really ours. Letting us have it is optional.


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