Cool article about the effects of cool light on our sleep, thanks for sharing. I too am a daytime only fan of bright blue LEDs. I especially hate seeing them at night flashing in the rearview mirror…

Another downside of LED lighting which is often missed is how not “Green” they actually are, as the much higher environmental costs of manufacture than filament lamps is seldom taken into account in analyses of power savings.

Also, sometimes we actually need the heat output from filament lamps to make a room habitable in cold weather. I deliberately refuse to buy LED replacements for the 12 x 50 Watt downlighters I have in my lounge ceiling, even though in UK we are almost forced by EU legislation to do this. Of course the big LED bulb manufacturers have more than a small part to play in devising those regulations. I need all 600 Watts of lighting on, and two 750 Watt heaters to heat the space in winter as it is. If I changed the lamps to LEDs, I would have to buy and run yet another heater.

P.s. My understanding is you need only a blue LED with some phosphor to resonate and disperse the blue light energy across a broad range of lower frequencies, to create a basic white lamp.


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