Colin, thanks for another well researched and infomative article.

We have to conclude these things are already with us, though it is just the beginning, they will continue to consolidate.

But a very important factor you missed is the part that profit plays in it. It is all designed and built to make profit. From us.

For now we do still have a choice, to take the initiative and implement an alternative, which pays everyone financially whilst adding their true human value to the planet. This can only be done non-profit, driven by the immense power of the “wisdom of the crowd”, before it is too late.

It will be incredibly sad if the contrast between what we have, and what we could have, is never seen because its existence is never told.

It is becoming ever more difficult to promote these efforts, because the profit driven system almost completely prevents creating and promoting a cause which cannot pay for advertisements, far less one that might be a potential threat to it.

What is needed is for someone like yourself to take notice, and start to champion one.

The only project I know trying to do this is the one in my profile.

If you know of another, I would love to hear about it, because it can never be competition. If there is no profit to compete for, it is only collaboration.


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