Colin, great story, and so true. But all is not lost. Valuable lessons have been learned from the mistakes of profit driven social media, and profit driven politics. If those mistakes had never been made, perhaps we would never have learned the truth, and seen clearly the the path to take. We are on that path now, and have responded with a non-profit proposal for an alternative system of democratic social media. This one is not driven by profit, so it has very different characteristics.

This system is designed to have the opposite effect of profit driven social media, to enhance ourselves and everyone on the network in such a way as to encourage us all to work together, and to reverse the damage done to the world.

Where we can see that the network effect was not being used effectively by profit driven social media, we have responded by arranging the system architecture in such a way as to maximise it, so as to maximise the value of each user, whilst at the same time giving each user complete control over their own valuable personal data, monetised in a way that only they themselves receive payment for it.

This new system will give us seemingly superhuman powers


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