Closed State

What the term “Closed State” really means

We live in a box, both physically, and for most of us; conceptually.

A closed box.

That is our planet.

It is also, for most of us; our minds.

When problems arise, we tend to look for solutions inside the box.

Problems like imminent worldwide environmental calamity, and financial collapse.

Economy is obviously intricately linked with energy.

Energy and wealth can be talked about interchangeably. When we talk about one, we are talking about the other.

To date, all of our energy / wealth has been from finite sources.

Therefore we have a zero-sum economy.

A zero-sum economy is necessitated by our energy resources to date being finite.

This state of continuing to consume finite energy resources inside the box, whilst generating further environmental pollution should be recognised.

We live in that, the real closed state, because most of us have closed minds.

Our minds are closed to the significance of that which is outside the box.

Out there is the sun.

The original, inexhaustible source of continuous free, clean energy.

The only true source of energy in our solar system.

We have the technology to capture the sun’s energy on our planet so as to re-power our species, and gain a new non-zero-sum economy.

Yet we ignore this and argue over all things in the closed state, whilst our planet, and our species, continues to die.

Time to put the real closed state behind us, is it not?

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