Chris, I won’t criticise you for saying this, as I’ve said similar things myself, to try to justify the status quo of keeping historical artifacts.

But the subtler point that Indi is making here is that the voices of the victims of history are not being heard, because we only see the monuments of the monsters, and they are monsters.

I personally didn’t know the reason Churchill was being fingered, until Indi’s brilliant article here.

You are a writer, If you read some more of his articles, you have to appreciate his talent, but more importantly like you said yourself, his culture.

I prefer to think that the crowds in the Roman amphitheatres were a minority, huge as the venues were, I honestly don’t believe I would have been amongst them, as I would probably have been a slave.

Isn’t it ironic that many of us have long felt like slaves of a kind in the modern system, which appears now to be crumbling, just like Rome?

I would love to know your opinion of this article;


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