Charles, if only those in power thought like you, our troubles would be over. Thanks for posting.

I fully agree with pretty much everything you’ve said here, and it is rare for me to read these kinds of thoughts from others in Medium, so I really appreciate what you’ve written.

One small point though; I do believe the question really is existential, humanity will not survive if the wrong choice is made.

Reason I say that is I can't see how a nuclear war will be avoided, if the wrong choice is made. How can those weapons exist, and not be used, when everything else will have been seen to have failed, by some losing country or another.

My own inclination has been to look carefully at what it is within us that drives us to use colonialism, and it looks like the capitalist economy itself is at fault, by fundamentally rewarding colonialism, in fact it is colonialism itself.

Somehow, the economy has to change in a way which no longer rewards colonial practices.

Until that happens, fear is the order of the day, unfortunately.

But, a break-through to the good might be happening, in the form of free money.

I wont go into too much detail here, for that you can always read more in my featured story, and others linked from there.

You might particularly like this one:


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