Cathy, for sure, to avoid the same mistakes again, we need to make sure all has been thought out.

Bank bullion for one thing is no longer necessary, since we see the US has nowhere near enough to cover debts, yet the dollar value remains high.

Should we grudge Johnny buying a swimming pool, or the swimming pool manufacturer making a profit?

I can’t see why, if nothing is deprived from anyone else as a result.

The business of delivering high value products for profit seems perfectly fine to me, as long as no one is deprived as a result, remembering again that all including the CEO, and all Bank staff always have free money as an option to give up working in jobs we would rather not be doing.

Will people with guaranteed free money to trade in markets really still see value in gold stocks, or other assets? Why would we still think of gold as something valuable, if we never need to worry about financial insecurity again?

If you have some time, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on my featured story.

All the best to you in any case.


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