Capital Was Yesterday.

A key point of the new Solar-Powered Value Assignment Economy – it has already started.

Firstly, how do we know this new economy has already started?

It isn’t because folk like me somehow manifested it in our consciousness by tirelessly ranting on about it in everything we write, like some kind of propaganda.

Nop, this is real, physical reality.

To miss it, or ignore it, or present it in any other way is the real deception.

Solar Energy is obviously an undisputable reality; it is already being added to the grid.

The fact that the slowly growing solar energy business is still often considered a profit seeking activity, and still treated as such by probably the majority of existing practitioners, does not negate that the energy put into the system by solar is free and it came from outside our economic system.

Although it can, and is often charged for, it is still supplied to humanity and all of nature for free.

That is a unique property in all discussions and considerations of “Green” energy.

So we see that for the first time in our known history, free wealth is already being pumped into our human economic system directly from the sun, the single source of all wealth for all time.

This explains how it is physically possible, and demonstrated, that fiat currency market values can, and are sustained, despite dilution of capital via massive financial stimulus, which seemingly can’t be accounted for.

The issue of stimulus, with currency values sustained, cannot be logically explained any other way.

Nor can things like oil prices going negative, and bankrupt stocks soaring.

In the authors experience, the reasons for free money recipients trading in stockmarkets, are best understood by traditional investors when it is pointed out that free money traders are not actually investing, they are donating, or more technically, they are assigning value.

The concept of free market value assignment appears anathematic to conventional investors, evidenced by the derision we often see when the subject comes up in traditional investment forums.

Only “Losers” would give away their money, far less invent new words for that, right?

Since the profit monster addiction is so deeply buried in our collective psyche, we see similar derision pouring into all manner of other seemingly unrelated conversations and forums, to an extent we need only follow the derision, to find the profit motive.

In fact it seems to be at the root of pretty much all arguments.

A “Whale” is a conventional profit driven trader, wielding a large amount of capital in markets. Whales normally get to choose the winners and losers. In other words, the whales assign reputation, often to unworthy recipients, for their own purposes, to make profit.

All profit driven traders seemingly wish they were the biggest whale, and yet they are highly critical of the obvious distortion of reality caused by whales.

A donor, “trading” with free money, has potentially even more power, with effectively infinite free money, but with no profit motive whatsoever.

Thus they are immune to traditional market forces.

The single remaining interest of a free money market participant, however small, is to support the things and individuals that we believe add value to our world.

What we are seeing there, friends, is true, global, finely grained democracy in its very essence, regardless of who might be in power for the moment, we get to vote in markets, with free money.

The authorities have no choice but to continue issuing free money to the masses, as jobs and small businesses fall victim to the necessary Covid response, and the rapid automation of all jobs.

And that is good news.

Really, really, good news.

Labour, at least in the traditional sense, is no longer required.

With each issue of stimulus, it gets more and more difficult to ignore, that the money is truly free, owed only to our planet in the form of forsaken energy usage.

That is the real debt, which must be paid, but which is easily manageable.

When that is accepted, and formalised, the final jobs to be automated will include the banks, who need simply to switch on the free money taps, and walk away.

The need for capital is gone already.

Capital Was Yesterday.