Can COVID-19 read our minds?

Just a thought.

Frederick Bott
2 min readMar 30, 2020


Having read the paper Asociación RUVID. “Viruses work together to attack their hosts.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 8 April 2016., it seems like the definition of a virus should be widened, to include viruses which exist in our minds, viral mindsets.

If a virus can exist in physical form, then why should one not be able to exist in our mindset?

If we accept that the collective mental presence of our species is itself a living, developing being, perhaps far more important than our physical presence which supports it, then we see the possibility that there may exist in the same domain, other developing, living beings, capable of attacking what should be a healthy collective mental presence.

An unhealthy collective presence would be one that does not work best for survival of our species, mental, physical, or otherwise.

A test for determining whether or not such a virus affecting our thinking as a species is in fact at work, is to check if it has any apparent interaction with an actual physical virus, whose existence we can physically prove.

With COVID-19, we appear to have such an opportunity.

And the answer seems pretty clear.

There is absolutely a correlation between our apparent desire to preserve economy, and the indiscriminate expense of peoples lives, taken by COVID-19.

COVID-19, is working together with the virus of our mindset, exploiting it against us.

Our mindset to preserve an economy of individual greed, is costing lives.

Hence it is working to assist the virus.

Hence we may actually be seeing two viruses working together.

To fix, we must address the virus of mind, purging that, so as to isolate COVID-19, both mentally, and physically.