Bullshit Industry, Part 2: NATO

Part One describes what Bullshit Industry means:

In short, it means any business that exists just for the sake of “Creating jobs”, without actually adding anything of value, maybe even doing some real harm.

In every case, those businesses do harm by consuming unnecessary energy, which has to come exclusively from limited or scarce Earth capital, like fossil fuels, which we and all life on Earth are already suffering badly from.

Part one also gives the acid test for any business.

The question that needs to be asked of it is:

“Can, and would it exist, in a 100% solar powered world?”

If the answer is no, then we should actively cease it, because until it is ceased, it is doing harm by causing unnecessary use of fossil fuels, or other Earth capital energy.

So we might argue NATO is necessary because of the Ukraine war.

But would we be having that war, if the world was solar powered?

The answer is No, because the war is over fossil fuels.

That is politically arguable of course, especially if we are driven in any particular political direction.

But we all know the answer in reality.

The war is over fossil fuels.

So, NATO fails the test.

NATO is massive Bullshit Business that we should stop doing, because it is destroying our planet, and of course, us.



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