Brilliant article, thanks for posting.

I particularly liked also your identification and analysis of narrative breakdown.

I might be a little unusual in that I seem to have had something like it for the past couple of years. Hence my over 1000 articles (including responses like this one), in Medium to date.

On the bad science of herd immunity in the UK, despite above, I admit that I for one was taken in by the addresses made by our leaders and their advisors, it was played as the UK “leading the field”, cutting a bold path, hence we were doing things differently.

It was very convincing, even to me.

Unfortunately, our media in UK has not yet highlighted that this was bad science, so, as far as I can see, there are still many people going about their normal working lives without pause.

The street outside at 7:30 am here in Bournemouth town centre where I live appears normal; rush hour traffic ramping up as usual, and workmen active on the long term scaffold on my building, a normal Monday morning working week start, though the restaurants and pubs have indeed all closed as instructed.


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