Brilliant analysis, thanks for posting.

I think the issue of planetary pollution which you mentioned is more fundamentally connected to the internet madness, central to your story, than most people realise, or are willing to admit, as yet.

Both are driven by the zero-sum economy, which is directly related to our tendency to extract all of our energy from the Earth, in the form of mineral reserves.

Imagine how different things will be after the new solar driven non-zero-sum economy kicks in.

Effectively infinite energy from the sun means effectively infinite wealth for all people.

No more need to covet what anyone else has. No more need to seek to profit from anyone else. No more need to lie.

Turning the efforts of all humanity towards harvesting the energy of the sun is our only way forward.

I too am confident enough folk, with enough influence will realise this soon enough, to assure our future.


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