Brexit took on a life of it’s own, when the question was asked whether or not we wanted to remain part of the EU.

Trouble is, it wasn’t the right question.

A more honest way of our government putting the question would have been: “Are you happy with us, your government, letting the EU impose austerity on us?”

That was the question I think that was really answered.

And the answer was a slap in the face. It was taken as a vote of no confidence, and maybe it was. Mr Cameron immediately losing his enthusiasm for being the man in charge, and standing down, said it all.

Not to mention Boris, at the time a leading figure in the Brexit “Charge”, doing a similar u-turn.

I believe the majority were really saying “No” to the increasing austerity and apparent authoritarianism of the EU. We’ve all watched with horror, what happened to Greece, and Ireland, when they each tried to dodge the EU economic weapon.

We are still the only country who has managed to hang on to its own independent national currency throughout our involvement in the EU.

If the vote had been in support of staying in the EU, the next step would probably have been to complete integration by ditching the pound and adopting the Euro.

The issue had nothing much to do with immigration until the media got hold of it and created what we now see as the Brexit monster.

Now it is completely masked by sensationalists labelling it, and anyone defending it, as everything from nationalism to outright fascism and racism.

Umair, your article just looks to me like more of the same. I credited you with more insight. As you’ve correctly said in the past, the real problem of neoliberalism, or predatory capitalism, is at the root of it all.

For sure the next inevitable coming world recession will be at least partially blamed on Brexit, when the real issue is that the world economy, led by the biggest economic lumps, like the EU and the US is eating itself, and we can all see it.

What a mess.

But I think it is a bit unfair to blame it on “The people”, thinking, or saying we somehow “Shot ourselves in the foot”.

We are not the ones with the money.


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