Brandon, I hope you can have some faith you may soon be in the richest generation (those with the most time to enjoy the new world).

To me it seems we are moving towards a point of financial inflexion, which will truly benefit those following, much more than it does those leading, the way that it always should have done.

It all comes down to realising that all the work we ever did in profit, is in fact debt to our planet, which can only be undone by work done and money created using the free energy of sunlight.

See how Bitcoin works for some clues.

When that is figured out, that a system of continuous, solar generated free money must be implemented, it gives us faith, knowing it is the only way forward, and it is an inevitable truth.

I am looking forward to perhaps living the tail-end of my life in that new world, but much more than that, I will be happy knowing my 17 year old daughter, and others her age will get to enjoy most of theirs in it.


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