Bang on the nail, thanks for posting.

But it is probably worth noting not all billionaires were created equal.

We only need to listen now to Bill Gates Ted talk on his fear of a pandemic in 2016 to get an example of at least one who tried to warn of the danger, and who was actively working on it, but he obviously didn’t get enough support to put in the measures needed (Development of the appropriate drugs for effective treatment of future flu viruses).

Cuba, that tiny island country just off the Florida coast, and apparently so hated by Trump, on the other hand, do seem to have developed just such a drug, something they call “Interferon”, which already has been used effectively in China against the corona virus.

As for the tendency to hoard, it would probably go out of fashion, if life wasn’t a zero sum game.

If we had publicly owned worldwide solar power infrastructure, another thing that Bill Gates is involved in via the Heliogen company (albeit apparently currently for profit), we would effectively have inexhaustible, free clean energy.

Energy, together with a little human imagination, is the source of all wealth.

With that, we would no longer need or wish to operate the zero-sum game.

Why hoard, if everything is free, forever?

So I have some hopes that solar power could be the silver bullet that breaks us out of the zero-sum mindset, freeing us up to work voluntarily on the projects that are more important in life, like development of appropriate future drugs, and then maybe interplanetary travel, for anyone wishing it.

We need solar power to shed some light on that dark timeline!


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